Have you ever heard of the saying , "if you want a friend, b


Have you ever heard of the saying , "if you want a friend, be 41"? What does it 42  ? There are many different things that you can do to 43friends. You may find out what they are if you 44 someone make friends.
     Here is 45 one new teacher made friends with the  46  in her class on the first day of the school. When the bell 47 , the teacher smiled at all the students. Then she said, "Good morning. How nice it is to have all of you 48 my class this year! I want to 49 each of you very much. I am sure we'll enjoy working together."
     The teacher smiled, used a pleasant 50, and acted 51 a friendly way. She told the students her 52 and wrote it on the blackboard. Then she told them something she liked to 53 and hoped to do with them during the year. The students knew that she liked many of the same things they liked. Everyone felt that she 54 what she said. Each of them wanted to know her 55 and be
her friend. Then she let the students tell something about 56 . So they felt that the teacher knew them. Could you make friends as the teacher 57 ?
     How do you know and like your classmates? One 58 is to find out more about them. During the 59 you can talk to them. You may ask them their names and the names of the schools they went to last year. As you 60, the others may be thinking "I like to do the same things you do. It should be fun to be friends with you."
    Remember! Just talking together in a friendly way is one good way to make friends.
41.A. it         B.one        C.that       D.careful
42.A.mean       B.want       C.have       D.show
43.A.make       B.meet       C.have     D.get
44.A.look        B.hear       C.listen      D.watch
45.A.what       B.how        C.why       D.when
46.A.teachers    B.students    C.workmatesD.parents
47.A.rang       B.got         C.sang      D.spoke
48.A.on         B.in       C.with        D.about
49.A.reach      B.learn       C.know        D.like
50.A.sound    B.sentence    C.phrase        D.voice
51.A.on        B.by         C.in            D.to
52.A.family   B.father      C.work        D.name
53.A.do        B.eat        C.get            D.play
54.A.was    B.liked      C.meant        D.forget
55.A.less    B.better     C.enough        D.still
56.A.themselvesB.their names C.the teacher    D.the school
57.A.was    B.did  C.got            D.saw
58.A.way    B.day        C.teacher        D.class
59.A.room    B.class       C.break        D.day
60.A.speak    B.say        C.tell         D.talk
41-45BAADB 46-50BABCD 51-55CDACB 56-60ABACD